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In The Event Of An Uber Accident

In The Event Of An Uber Accident

Uber accident

What is Uber?

Uber is a convenient and inexpensive ride sharing service that is an alternative to traditional taxi cabs. The Uber smartphone app allows users to call a driver to their location to be picked up and transported to their desired destination. Uber is popular because it provides an easy way to get around. There is also no need to pay parking fees, as may be the case when you are driving your own car.

However, Uber is very different from a traditional taxi. Uber drivers are not professionals. They do not have to undergo special training or licensing. For a majority of Uber drivers, it is simply a part-time job to earn extra cash.

In the Event of an Accident

Traditional taxis are highly regulated by the government. There are no such regulations that apply to Uber. With no local or state regulations in place, an Uber accident can have very unfortunate consequences. With traditional taxi drivers, there are well established laws about liability in the case of an accident. They also have specific car insurance requirements. This is not the case with Uber. Uber drivers use their personal cars, not company cars. Therefore, determining liability in case of an accident may be difficult.

Uber has specific insurance coverage, but it only applies when drivers accept passengers through its service. Also, the company’s coverage is secondary to the driver’s personal insurance and does not apply when the driver is “on the clock” but does not have a passenger.

Uber considers its drivers to be independent contractors which means that the drivers assume much of the liability. However, in the event of serious claims, most drivers don’t have the financial resources to cover a victim’s injuries. Therefore, injured victims seeking compensation will likely have to legally fight to determine liability because:

  • Even though Uber drivers may have personal insurance policy coverage, their insurance does not include driving for profit. Commercial insurance policies are expensive and most part-time Uber drivers don’t have it.
  • If you have suffered serious injuries, you may require more compensation than the Uber driver’s policy or your policy can cover. Although Uber drivers are permitted to carry state minimum coverage, it may not go far enough when medical care and compensation is involved.

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