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Risks Associated with Uber Car Rides

Risks Associated with Uber Car Rides

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Drawbacks of Uber Car Rides

Uber is a ride-sharing company which links riders and drivers through a smartphone app. The app enables people to request a ride from a network of drivers who are willing to travel anywhere within the designated service area. In spite of its growing popularity, there are certain drawbacks associated with Uber car rides. People frequently using Uber cars should be aware of these:

  • The vehicles used by Uber drivers are not owned by the company. Drivers operate their own personal vehicles. There is significant variability among the design, construction, and safety features of these vehicles. Uber does not require drivers to operate particular vehicle makes and models.
  • Uber drivers typically do not meet the same licensing and inspection requirements that are applied to other traditional taxi and limousine services.
  • Uber riders are uninformed of the drivers and their driving history. If the driver is a chronic speeder, a tailgater, or operates in a reckless manner, there may be no good way to discern this driver as unfit until after he/she provides a ride. Passengers with a dangerous driver will be at a higher risk of an accident.
  • Although Uber fares are normally lower than the traditional taxi services, the company reserves the right to implement surge pricing during periods of peak demand.
  • Uber makes it clear that they aren’t in the transportation business. They provide technology services that simply connect riders and drivers. Their drivers are independent third parties. Therefore, taking an Uber car means the rider accepts all risks stated in Uber’s terms and conditions policy.
  • The Uber contract includes a forced arbitration clause which limits the rights of Uber accident victims to take the company to court.
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